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Pest infestations can be a complete nightmare to deal with without professional assistance. If you’ve got a pest problem then Pest Control Brisbane is there to help. We provide a full range of effective and thorough services for pest treatment in Brisbane. With dedicated personal and the best standards, we’ll be there to help whenever you need us. Call Pest Control Brisbane on – 0730640675 to learn more about our services and to arrange an inspection.

No matter what the pest is we can handle it. We provide services for pest control in Brisbane and all the surrounding suburbs such as Brisbane South, Redlands, Logan Capalaba, Calamvale, Sunnybank Hills, Coorparoo and Eight Mile Plains. When you call us we can promise you that your pest problems will soon be no more. Not only do we provide full pest control and elimination we also offer you advice on how you can prevent pest problems in the future.


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Why you should leave pest control to the professionals

Sure you could try and deal with pest control yourself but you may find that dealing with some of these creatures is far beyond your capabilities. A professional company like Pest Control Brisbane can do a far better job at pest treatment for the following reasons.


You can certainly tell when you have cockroaches, ants or rats in your home but knowing the species makes it a lot easier to eliminate them. A professional can identify each species of pest in your home and formulate the right solutions to deal with them effectively,

Specialized Equipment and Expertise

Over the counter products usually only provide temporary solutions, to fully eliminate a pest infestation more specialized equipment is needed. Pest Control Brisbane has the tools and expertise to eliminate all infestations. Furthermore, many of the products and equipment used for pest treatment can be quite dangerous when handled and need to be used with care by professionals.

Solves the root of the problem

If any pest elimination is to be effective the cause of the problem needs to be dealt with. Professional pest control services can locate the cause of the problem and take the necessary steps to control it.

Pest Control Brisbane strives to provide a high level of customer service in every job we do, which combined with a high level of expertise makes us the best choice in the Brisbane area. Call us on 0730640675  today and let us deal with your problems for you.

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Expert pest control Brisbane, Logan and Redlands

Controlling pests in an important part in maintaining any home or business. Some pests can carry infectious diseases which can be very harmful to the occupants. Rats and fleas can carry a lot of harmful diseases into the home and what more, once you have one group of pests they’ll often attract even more until you have a host of different rodents and insects to deal with. Termites can be some of the most troublesome to deal with and once they spread they can be effectively impossible to eradicate without professional services. Even with the best protection, pests can still find their way into your home and prove very troublesome to get rid of. Pest Control Brisbane has the expertise and equipment for pest treatment to ensure that your home is fully pest free once we’re done.

Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches are some of the vilest insects to have in your home and can be a major safety hazard for some people. Those with strong allergies as well as children and the elderly are the most at risk. Anywhere they go they can spread dangerous paragons like E. coli and salmonella around your entire home making them a top priority to eradicate by professional services. Without cockroach treatment, they spread these allergens through their saliva, droppings and decomposing bodies which then attract more cockroaches other pests into your home

Termite Treatment

Termites are another type of pest that can be just as hard to eradicate. You often don’t even know you have termites until you notice your wooden furniture is getting weaker or until you see swarms of them crawling around a wooden surface. Without termite control in Brisbane These swarms can dig deep into wooden structures and become impossible to properly overcome without professional pest treatment services. Left to themselves, termite damage can add up to a lot of repair costs and damage the structural integrity of your property. Termite inspections will allow you to detect the problem before it becomes critical. The right chemicals need to be used for each species if eradication is to be effective which, without expert advice, can be very hard to tell apart. If you suspect you have termites then call us on 0730640675“>0730640675 for a termite inspection. Once the infestation has been dealt with we can then recommend methods for termite protection to ensure they don’t come back again.

Rodent Treatment

Rats and other rodents are some of the worst to have in a home and can be the biggest health hazard. They can enter buildings through small cracks and crevices and once in can form nests for more to spread. After that, they can multiply very quickly, without fumigation and other techniques there’s little that can be done to stem the tide. Rats and mice can then gnaw through wires, cardboard, cloth and other materials that can add up to frustrating and costly repairs. Worst of all, their droppings can spread further disease until your entire home or office becomes a major health hazard. Rat and rodent treatment should be done as soon as you detect their presence. Otherwise, they’ll start breeding and spreading to other parts of the home. For full and effective rat treatment give us a call today.

Ant Treatment

Ants and fleas are also troublesome to get rid of. These are social insects so once you see one you can be certain there are more to be found. Over the counter chemicals and products are not enough to deal fully with the problem. These products can eliminate the current infestation but you may other get a week of peace before they come back again. Professional pest treatment can examine your home to find the root cause of the infestation. Once a professional has pinpointed where the ants are coming from they can be properly dealt with. Once the nest has been destroyed we can then erect a barrier around the home to block out the entrance of any other ants in the future. These barriers can also work against other pests and are far more effective than any store bought product for ant treatment.

Pest control Brisbane can be relied upon to deal with all these pests and more. Call us today on 0730640675  and see how we can help make your home pest free.

How we do our Job

When you hire us for pest treatment we have a range of different chemicals and removal methods to choose from. Every property and pest are a bit different so we take that into account and your own concerns before starting any job. If you’re concerned about any of the chemicals we use or you have family members that are allergic to them then we can recommend other methods and products for pest treatment.

After a full inspection of your property, we then draw up an assessment and recommendations for the best course of action. We can provide non-chemical measures if needed to eradicate and keep at bay most insects. The public is often concerned about chemicals and whether they’re safe to use in a home but you can rest easy on that. Nowadays all chemicals are environmentally safe by mandate, it’s true that they’re still toxic but from a health and safety perspective they are perfectly safe.

While we may rely a great deal on the use of pesticides and chemicals to exterminate large infestations you can rest easy that they are being handled by trained professionals. All our staff have been properly vetted and trained in how to use these chemicals in a safe manner that will not cause any harm to the occupants.

How long fumigation and other methods will take depends on each individual property and the nature of the problem. We aim to get every job done both quickly and thoroughly but until we’ve done an inspection it’s hard to assess how long a job may take. Once each job is completed though we can provide all the advice and assistance needed to make sure the problem doesn’t come back again. Wherever you may be in the Brisbane area we’ve got the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle any infestation in your property. Our pest treatment services extend to all the following suburbs and surrounding areas of Brisbane.










Whether you need pest control Brisbane Southside, pest control Redlands or pest control Logan we’ve got you covered.

We remain committed to providing the best Brisbane pest control solutions and customer service possible all across Brisbane. All our products and procedures are the very latest in application and safety protocols. When you hire us for pest treatment Brisbane, Logan and Redalnds has to offer we’ll get it done, quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Call us today on 0730640675  and arrange for an inspection to see how we can deal with your pest treatment problem. Termite control Brisbane is one of the most common problems we deal with. Call us and ask about a termite inspection if your concerned. Rodent treatment is also a common problem, one which Pest control in Brisbane south can deal with.